L2-L1-L2 board race translations

An alternative board race with translation.

  • Works in monolingual classes.
  • Not essential that the teacher speaks students’ language.
  • Good for checking meaning and vocabulary review.


  1. Put students into teams and play a board race to write a list of recently studied language:


2. Ask students to then write the translation next to each item:


3. Tell each team to carefully erase the English words, just leaving L1

4. Get teams to swap, so they are looking at the other team’s list. Now they need to try and write the English words next to the L1 list in front of them:


5. Encourage teams to actually write a meaningful sentence or question during this stage:

IMG20170828090521 (1).jpg

6. When finished, get teams to swap back to their original board and check the language the opposing team has written. Allow discussion over differences in opinion between teams.


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