Planning time before speaking: a framework

The benefits of planning time before speaking are well-known. Surprised it took me such a long time to find this out myself. The Delta certainly drilled this idea along with the benefits of task repetition.

So you can say to students: ‘Okieeee, so in a few minutes you’re going to tell three people about your childhood story. Before you talk you can plan your story.’

What do students do?…. They write the story out. Unless you have well trained students who know how to take notes and feel very comfortable telling each other stories.

A simple, effective framework for them is a simple T-table with the following titles. This helps students to NOT write long sentences and to organise topic + language needed. Simple, perhaps worth considering for future speaking tasks.

Things I want to talk about…        Helpful language to talk about it…..

  1.                                                            1.
  2.                                                            2.

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